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Central Valley Rods Car Club

Offering people a chance to show off their Classic Cars from the 30s to the 70s

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Upcoming Events

Monthly Club Meeting:

May 3rd @ 3pm …Details

Starting in JUNE will move the Car Club meeting back to the first Wednesday in the

May, June August Events:


About Central Valley Rods


Located in Roseville, California Central Valley Rods got its roots in 1968 and is a car club for those who share a common interest in the antique/classic vehicle hobby.

Serving Our Community Since 1968

Monthly activities usually take members to beautiful locations throughout Northern California and Nevada. Just pure fun caravanning to and from interesting destinations, like cruise-ins, restoration garages, car collections, restaurants, sporting events, parks, or museums.  There’s always something for the guys, and the gals too.  The best part is, we get to meet other local old car enthusiasts and admire their “rides” as well.

Our Club Is Our Family

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Want to join the club?


Want to be a part of the Central Valley Rods & help support the car collecting hobby? We are always looking for new members and would love to have you as one. What are you waiting for? Membership only costs $25 for a whole year!  Come in, take a look around, meet some of the members, and see what they are working on.  Make sure to share a little about yourself too.  You will enjoy your stay.